Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This is a 1969 Dodge chrager, possibly the best car ever invented. Famous Dodge chargers have been the general Lee (the dukes of hazzard). i was bored, so i pained it using a programme, its really bad, but its not bad, i think ill do a mini cooper next :D

I know i havent updated in a while.....ok a long while, but i have converted to myspace and have a blog there :D so, ill still update bthis one when i can be bothered, but my myspace one will get preference because, no offence, but more people read it. If you want to read my blog, its, then just go to the blog, easy enough?

Going to Tassie next week, should be good, let u know how it was when i get back

-Tiff :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

School, home and a Myriad

Yahoo! Avatars

This is my halloween yahoo avatar, pretty sweet eh?
by the way, i would like to take the oportunity to point out i started using yahoo before my dad so yahoo! (very bad joke, please dont kill me :)

ok, today, i had the plesure at laughing, snickering and chuckling at the myriad of year twelves dressed up[ as alot of things. i saw Yoda, played by justin, a dwarf at our school (that was my favourite) i saw 2 wiggles, a power ranger and the villiage people, complete with portable cd player to blast out villige people songs as they walked past.I saw 3 jedi, charlie chaplin, ned kelly (blue bucket helmet)I saw minnie mouse, daisy duck, multiple samurai (they later battled)and a guy whao was wearing his dads army cams. I saw freddy and jason, and sailor moon, i also saw a guy in a kangaroo outfit, complete with austarlian flag draped accross his back. That was a favorite amounst my maths class. before you ask, we got a bit of maths done, but its really hard to concentrate on probability and formualas to work out said probability when you have the aforementioned characters strolling past the window. (I wrote a list of the characters on my maths book cover, im wishing id brought it home, i ahve a bad memory)
Oh, and some teachers dressed up too My maths teacher dressed up as the college princepal (ive never been able to spell that word) i saw a maths teacher as a monk, my english teacher was a punk and the majority of the other dressed up teachers had uniforms on.

I and my friends discussed what we might go as when it was our turn to dress up, we decided we would probably go as the cast of starwars, with yours truly playing leia. (or if i can, i will go as padme with an elaborate dress, but that may not be completly school friendly.........)

Or if i cant, i will probably end up either as a hippie (peace) or a witch, havent really decided yet, but then again, i have two years unntill i have to do this, so ill forget it for a while.

im nearly finished my book (thank goodness)Its name is Eldest, it is 681 pages long and is a really good stoiry, if really annoying to carry around. It has taken me a week to finish, which is slightly under 100 pages a day, which is pretty good!its been hard finding time bettween the evil assignments and general school stuff, but ive nearly done it, only 50 more pages :D (yes, uncle gary and bec, i know im a nerd as afbefore mentioned)(in joke, they will understand)

anyways im getting sick of writiing this up,and i have to do dishes very soon (dang) so ill just write when i have the urge to, but i keep wondering, what poor, poor person would want to read my rambling, muddled up and often badly grammatized and typo ridden blog???

night all!
-Tiff :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The all important first blog

Hi there all!
this is the unavoidable first blog, i now run 3 blogs: my msn blog, where, i just talk about stuff, my myspace blog where i talk to friends, and now this none, where i get to talk to the general populous. (yay)

schools fine, birthday is in 4 weeks (ish) ill be 16, and i can get my learners! (woop!!!) So saty off the road if you know whats good for you (my parents prolly wouldnat have found that funny, sorry! :)

ok, i have no idea what to talk about except that my dad is on this site somewhere, so now im gonna go leave a comment
Carpe dium! (seize the day)
from Tiff

ps CARLTON RULE!!!!!!!!